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Storage and Security

Effectively managing the enquiries from our site visitors requires us to collect and use some personal information. However, we only collect the personal information you choose to give us (for example, you decide how much detail to provide us as background to an enquiry), and you can opt out of our communications activities, such as receiving any further information at any time.

All of the collected information is stored in an excel format along with the case number we will provide you. This information will be as ambiguous as possible , to protect you within our web services. Any notes we may make about your case will be as ambiguous as possible. You will be mentioned by your "case number" and any company or possible perpetrator names will not be mentioned and will be called "company" or "workplace" and "perpetrator".

The information we may collect when you engage with us includes:

• your first name (if you choose to provide it.) You will be given a case number so we may identify you.
• your contact details, email address or phone number ( if you choose to provide it.)
• the content of your complaint, including information about the harm it has caused you (which may be sensitive, if you choose to disclose it.)
• your response to a complaint,(if you choose to disclose it.)
• correspondence from you about a complaint (we don't record phone calls, but we may keep a summary of our conversations with you.)
• your responses to satisfaction surveys we ask you to complete (these are usually anonymous).
• information about your authorised representative (if you have one)
• your responses to surveys or focus group discussions (usually these will be captured in a de-identified form)
• information about your use of our website, (refer further details listed below.)

We collect the following information about your use of our website (though please note we make no efforts to associate this with your identity):

• Your IP address
• The search terms you used
• The pages you accessed on our website and the links you clicked on
• The date and time you visited the site
• The referring site (if any) through which you clicked to our website
• Tour operating system (such as Windows 10)
• The type of web browser you use (such as Mozilla Firefox)

See our cookies page for more information about the cookies we use on our website (for example to make our website or e-learning modules function, or to track and analyse website usage):

Learn more about our cookie policy.

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